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Bellofram Elastomeric Diaphragms

Bellofram Elastomeric Diaphragms

In 1950, Bellofram introduced the original rolling diaphragm for a wide variety of industries and applications. Since that time one billion diaphragms have been used successfully throughout the world.

Engineering plays a critical role at every level in our manufacturing cycle. From design, tooling completion, to integrating procedures into production processes, is one aspect of total quality commitment.

The performance of the rolling diaphragm depends, in large part, on the preparation of materials. Raw materials are accepted after close scrutiny and absolute conformity to tight specifications. Elastomers are compounded with extreme care, then coded to ensure complete batch traceability. Reinforcing fabrics are woven or knitted to specifications developed exclusively by Bellofram. Meticulous preforming practices help to ensure a permanent, high strength bond between elastomer and fabric.

Custom Designed Diaphragms
• Laminated Elastomers to Teflon
• Insert Molding
• Non-Fabric Supported Diaphragms
• Traditional fabric supported diaphragms for many industries
SUCH AS: Pumps, valves, actuators, regulators, R.O. Systems, and many more designed to meet your specific market needs in areas of medical and pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace, agricultural, water conservation and purification, automotive and marine, as well as general industrial.

Worlds Largest Production Capacity
• 160,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space
• 150 molding presses in a wide range of sizes and output capacities
• Industry's largest in-stock inventory: some 40,000 standard sizes normally available for immediate shipment
• In house custom mixing
• In house tool design & manufacturing
• Single or double coated
Broad Design Parameters
• Sizes from 1/4" to 32" diameter
• Elastomers for hostile environments
• Temperature ranges from -120F to 600F
• Fabrics for pressures up to 1,000 psi
Unequalled Material Selection
• Neoprene • Fluorocarbon • Fluorosilicone
• Silicone • Epichlorohydrin
• Nitrile • EPDM
• HNBR, GFLT, AFLAS, other specialty formulations
Many elastomers with 3A, USP Class IV and FCA approval.
Reinforcing Fabrics
• Polyester
• Nylon
• Knit fabrics are also available in Polyester and Nomex
• Nomex
All available in a variety of strengths and heat resistant grades.
• Specialty Coated Fabrics
Emphasis on Customer Service
• Experienced application engineers that know how to solve problems
• Fast turnaround on quotations, prototypes
• Fast delivery-in ones or millions


Bellofram Elastomeric Diaphragms


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