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Container Cranes

You can depend on BUBENZER BREMSEN to offer state-of-the-art, innovative braking systems and accessories for your high-speed container crane, rubber tyre and rail mounted gantry cranes. We work with terminal operators and consulting engineers to select our best quality, maintenance-friendly service, emergency and storm brakes which provide a safe main pillar for productivity and overall success. Our customers include crane manufacturers all over the world who benefit from our design and manufacturing expertise, field experience and on-site assistance.


Customer satisfaction is the basis of our reputation as the best choice for leading manufacturers and end users all over the world.Our braking systems for stacker-reclaimer, conveyor and other mining applications are adapted to your specific requirements based upon our long experience with mining applications. We take pride in offering innovative solutions such as incremental, coordinated braking systems for multiple conveyors, explosion-proof, two-stage brakes for underground applications and special linings to meet the most demanding mine braking requirements.

Steel Mills





Safety is our mission, and the basis for trust in demanding, production-braking applications. You can rely on our extensive experience with braking systems for casting cranes, overhead bridge cranes, rolling mills and other special applications. We supply individually optimized braking system solutions for all applications, including those with high ambient temperatures, and the retrofit of drum brakes with caliper disc brakes. Brake system installation, commissioning and maintenance are also available


Wind Turbines

Proper system performance depends upon the function of each component part. We offer innovative braking solutions for rotor and yaw motions, and for rotor locking, utilizing compact and high-performance hydraulic brakes and power supplies, discs and couplings. Remote brake monitoring systems are also available which are particularly suitable for offshore applications. The design and quality of our braking system guarantees minimal maintenance requirements and long, trouble-free product service life




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