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Speed Sensors

Each application calls for a sensor that is suitable to its needs. To meet the demand for optimum performance a broad choice in function principle and design is required. 
We provide this. 


Non-Contact Sensors

No moving parts = no wear, no maintenance.Easy to install. Saving cost and space.  


Sensors touching the target

Solving special problems


Non-Contact Sensors

Differential-Hall-Effect Series A5S...
Your first choice for permanent installation. Detecting small and large steel profiles (gear wheels, slots, holes). Outstanding performance under hard ambient conditions: Speed range 0... 25,000 pulses per sec, equally high and powerful output over  theentire range, adequate for transmission over more than 500 meters. Level approximately that of supply voltage. Profile size down to gear m 0,8 (pitch 32), slot or hole width down to 3 mm. Gap (clearance) to target nearly up to 4 mm. Their differential principle fights the influence of other magnetic fields and machine vibration. Sealed (>200 bar) stainless steel enclosure with smooth or threaded shaft 5/8UNF, or M12, M14, M18, or M22, length as option

Temperature -40°C ...+125°C ( -40 ... +255 °F). Connection via tight plug or firm cable.

Specific application characteristics of A5S... series: 













Series No.

Application Characteristics

Special Notes



Satisfying all standard applications requiring single trace frequency output. Typical: turbines, motors, process machinery


A5S10 …A5S13..

speed detection in Ex-areas, grade EExia IIC T4  (Div 1 and Div 2, class I group A..D, class II group E...G) 

use  with Separating Barrier D461.11

Supply < 9.9 volts


A5S30 …A5S33..

direction sensing incorporated. 1 trace as speed signal frequency,

1 trace as binary signal forward/reverse. Typical:  feeder pumps 

requires gear size > m2 (pitch < 12), slot width > 4 mm


A5S14 …A5S17

direction sensing as above, within Ex-areas

use  with Separating Barrier D461.21


A5S40 …A5S43

double trace frequency output, for external direction evaluation with failure detection. Typical: monitored direction detection

requires gear size > m2 (pitch < 12), slot width > 4 mm



Opto-electronic Sensor Series A1S... 

Applicable to all objects, including plastic parts (fan blades, for instance). A  not profiled target (smooth shaft, for instance) will be easily marked  by a paint dot or by our adhesive reflective tape. Local environment should be kept clean. Signal conditioning in evaluation unit recommended, as provided by our C118, C156, or E1519 units.
Speed range 0/10 ...20,000 pulses per sec. Connection detachable with plug, or tight by firm cable. Signal transmission up to 10 meters (as standard), A1S40 up to 100 meters.   Specific application characteristics of A1S... series: 



Model No.

Application Characteristics


A1S30... A1S36..

easy handling, the favourite for variable use. Scanning distance 1...2 cm (depending on reflection).Sensor shaft 8 mm Ǿ, length 35 or 95 mm. Supply typically by evaluating unit. 



Laser type reflection sensor with scanning distance up to 2 meters. Laser beam < 3 mm in Ǿ, thereby sharp resolution. Requires marking with reflective tape U1A006.



Infrared reflection sensor. Cylindrical enclosure with mounting thread M30. Scanning distance up to 50 cm. Optional fibre glass adapters for extreme conditions (temperature up to 300 °C, for instance).  



Proximity Type sensor series A4S.... 


Applicable to larger sized profiles of steel or non-ferrous material. Allowing a large gap(clearance) between sensor and target: useful at a center displaced wheel, or if particles have to pass between sensor and target. Range from zero up to medium speed. Typical feeder belts, blades.  Characteristics vary widely between different models.


Click here for datasheet pdf




Magnetic pick-up sensor series A2S... 


Detecting speed of rotating steel profiles, specifically at high speed, and under high temperature (turbines, turbo-blowers, for instance). Also, the alternating magnetic field around transformers, ignition coils, or rotating magnetic parts. Output signal varies with frequency and gap, therefore requiring high sensitivity of the receiver input, or a local pre-amplifier.
Not for low speed applications.These sensors do not require supply. Various design models available. 


Click here for data sheet pdf




Sensors Touching the Target

Wheel Pulse Transmitters
Detecting speed and material length when run on a web, or on the surface of a cylinder.Specifically used with plastic and metallic foils, and with paper and textile machines. Speed range up to 3000 m/min. Resolution up to 1 pulse per millimeter. All models have a high output allowing signal transmission over 100 meters.  Click for data sheet. 




Model No


Speed Range


Notes Download


1 pulse/mm

0 ...2000 m/min

0,5 %

2 wheels of 64 mm Ǿ



1 pulse/mm

0 ...3000 m/min

0,5 %

2 wheels of 160 mm Ǿ



Incremental Encoders G1000
For permanent installation. Connecting to the end of an open shaft. Available with up to 5000 pulses / rev. Speed range 0 ....6000 RPM. Signal frequency up to 20 kHz. Available with single or double trace for direction sensing. Typical winders, cranes. High output allowing signal transmission over 100 meters.


Click here for data sheet pdf


Sensor Accessories
Connectors, ready made cables with length by request,  adapters, supports, shaft couplings,marking aids.

Listed in corresponding sensor data sheets.

BRAUN INSTRUMENT     Meters and Alarms for permanent Installation

Displays, Setpoint Alarms, Converters to analog or to data output.
Designed for permanent installation and easy programming.


  • Range from zero speed up to more than 100 kHz.
  • Precise and fast tracking response by pulse interval measurement with automatic floating period.  Can be extended over a programmable minimum time for  the tracking speed and averaging, as appropriate to the application.
  • Easily  programmed at the unit itself, for exact adaptation to the application: number of teeth, gear ratio, decimal point in readings, span of an analog output, alarm response characteristics, starter condition.
  • Power supply by AC and DC, voltage range 18 …40 V  or 85 …265 V.
  • Design option, snap-on-track enclosure (D), panel mount (C), or 19-inch rack module (E).



Choice of functional facilities:
  • Analog output 20 mA/10 volts,   programmable live zero, -alarms with programmable hysteresis band and position, - display  by LCD or bright red LED,
    - signal input with sensor monitor or with additional path     for low level sensors,
    - adjustable input pulse divider to balance mechanical target irregularities.
    - Additional speed measuring channel to read ratio or difference (slip, draw, synchronism).
  • Data interface output of measurements.





  Basic versions  



Series No. design
see figure
display analog
additional low
level input
input pulse
measuring channel
124.100 C, D1, E 14mm red - - - X - X X
124.112 C, D1, E 14mm red X 2 - X - X X
D421.3 D4 8mmLCD X - - X X - -
D421.5 D4 8mmLCD X 2 - X X - -


Special functions on option:



Series No. Application design
(see figure)
input to
sensor series
124.1S2 speed + direction C, D1, E X 1+1 A5S3… X
224.1S2 speed + direction + sensor failure monitor C, D1, E X 1+1 A5S4… X
124.1S4 PROFIBUS – Data Inteface C, D1, E X   all -
124.1S6 speed + acceleration C ,D1, E X   all X
D124Ex9 in explosion-proof enclosure Ex d X   A5S1… -
D461 isolating barrier to Ex-area D4 Pulse output A5S1… -


As customized versions, we further provide such with up to 32 scaling factors (externally activated), or such with linearization function.Also such with more setpoint alarms, or with more separated analog outputs. 

BRAUN INSTRUMENT High Safety Speed Monitoring Systems

Speed Monitoring Systems with Enhanced Safety,
for turbines, pumps, motors, as typically found in power plants.


A system intended to protect persons and assets against overspeed danger must be equipped accordingly. This concerns its parts, but also the redundancy of its structure. We offer different gradations to regard the individual requirements of the application.



Safety Aspects

Redundancy by the number of participating channels

With one channel only, safety is determined by the equipment of this one element. Sensor monitoring, plausibility (function presence) check, and failure signal are indispensable hereto. With a 2-channel redundancy 2 such units operate in parallel. Their outputs are tied together, but this requires a pre-decision what to do in case of a discrepancy, whether trip or not. The 3-channel redundancy allows the majority to determine the action. This not only enhances safety in event of danger but also increases security against false alarm and thereby promotes machine availability.  True functional tests are possible during operation. The E16 design may do this automatically, saving cost of maintenance.                          








Intrinsic Self Tests

A plausibility test reports any channel performance failure. The sensor monitoring facility detects a peripheral failure at an early stage. Regularly repeated response tests by an independent Test Generator, as possible with the E16 ensure the maximum in safety.


Test Routine

E16 performs  these tests automatically and regularly under full load. The user is exempted from the otherwise obligatory manual tests. The test routine of E16x3 fulfils all requirements  up to SIL3 of IEC 61508.


Failure Signal

Indispensable for true safety, by calling for the necessary measures, in time


Certification compliant

Series E16x3 for SIL3 according to IEC61508 (without restriction) and compliant with API 670.

Series E16x4  compliant with API 670.

Series D521 for SIL 2 according to IEC 61508 



click system No. for detailed information




E16 pdf

D521 pdf


3-channels, plug-in monitors, 2of3 voting incorporated

1 channel per unit

Intrinsic self tests

plausibility check, channel comparison, test generator optional

  Plausibility, utilizing 1 setpoint

Sensor monitor

in each channel, for supply circuit and signal lead (with adequate sensors)

supply, and signal lead of A5S..sensors

Test Routine

optionally integrated


Setpoint alarms

1 to trip 2v3voted, 1 extra per channel, up to 8 more as option

2 with SPDT contacts, 2 optional electronic

Failure announce


utilizing 1 setpoint

System test

optionally incorporated, with manual or automatic test routine


Analog outputs

optional 1 up to 3 per channel

one as standard

Sensor inputs

to hi-level A5S sensors, optionally to magnetic pick-ups

input paths to standard and pickup sensors

Pulse outputs

24 V square wave, isolated  

10v with input, o/c following predivider

Data interface

RS232 = standard, PROFIBUS = option

RS 232

Further functions

direction, ratio/difference, acceleration, as integrated options

by separate units

BRAUN INSTRUMENT  Portable Tachometers for variable use

MOVIPORT Tachometers are used for quickly performed speed checks, and for long term studies. In inspection and maintenance, to optimize and adjust drives, rolls, spindles and other objects, with paper, textile and film applications.


Ready for universal use by virtue of their characteristics and wide selection of interchangeable sensors. Click Sensors for the variety of non-contact and wheel models. Click the series No C118 or C156 for detailed information of all versions.


Hand Held Tachometer MOVIPORT C118
  • Push-button selection of immediate speed measurement to read /s, /min, /h with Max/Min/Average memory.
  • Start/Stop controlled totalizing (length, flow).
  • Activate computing mode to introduce a gear ratio or roll circumference.
  • Incorporated signal conditioning, programmable pulse pre-divider.
  • Programmable analog output, TTL pulse output.
  • RS232 Interface as option.
  • Powered by batteries, rechargeable cells, or AC-mains.

Click here for Data Sheet pdf



Hand Held C118 with photo sensor and cable


Portable bench-top series MOVIPORT C156


  • 2 inputs adding ratio/difference measurement facility (draw, shrinkage, synchronism).
  • Enhanced analog output
    10 volts/ 20 ma.
  • Full twin or quadruple channels as option.
  • AC or DC power supply 18…40 volts, or
    85… 265 volts. 
Click here for Data Sheet 





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