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BGH (Boschgotthardshütte) produces specialty steel and specialty alloys for use in the most demanding applications. The company has a 500 year history, and was mentioned in 1467 as "Hammer at Ferndorf" on the gates to Siegen.



For centuries, forging was the main occupation of the company. Today BGH uses a variety of modern technologies to produce a wide range of products and grades, and can produce small lot sizes.

BGH is a medium sized, owner managed company which has and is consistently and progressively developing. A clear understanding of the market place, a wide range of stock items coupled with competent and friendly technical service from some of the most respected experts in their field gives BGH customers the extra edge in their market sectors.

For industrial, energy, automotive, aerospace, medical and all applications where speciality steels are required, BGH products are world renowned for quality and technical excellence.

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We offer an almost complete programme of special steel products. Major investment in hot and cold forming, heat treatment and machining allows BGH to supply even small lot sizes.

Our wide grade range covers all un-, low and high alloyed steel types up to special grades.

Product Dimensions   Surface finish/type
Semifinished products      
Rolled Square 60 - 135 mm ground
Forged Square 140 - 600 mm ground
Forged Round 140 - 300 mm peeled
Forged Round 301 - 590 mm ground
Forged Round 601 - 800 mm turned
Slabs Thickness: 24 - 60 mm  
  Width: 200 - 300 mm  
Ingot up to max. 28 to  



Product Dimensions   Tolerances according to DIN Surface finish/type
Wire rods        
rolled round 5.5 - 25 mm 58115 B pickled, coated
Steel bar        
rolled round 11,5 - 125 mm 1013
untreated, shot-blasted
pickled or peeled (16 - 120 mm ø)
  flat 16 - 250 mm x 5 - 80 mm    
forged round


24 - 800 mm
12 - 80 mm
up to 18 m length upon request

14 x 10 x 600 x 1200 mm




untreated, shot-blasted, peeled
Product Dimensions Tolerances according to DIN Surface finish/type
  90 - 900 mm Ø
max. 18 m long
or pre-machined
Hollow parts      
forged i. Ø 350 - 900 mm 7168 finish-machined
drilled i. Ø 30 - 500 mm 7168 up to h8
Forgings round up to Ø 900 mm
flat up to 800 mm width
Individual weight 20 t
  (turning, drilling, milling, grinding, honing)
Coils Outside diameter max. 1,650 mm
Height max. 500 mm
Weight max. 4,5 t
Pierced discs
Outside diameter max. 1.650 mm
Height 270 mm
Flanges Outside diameter max. 6,000 mm
max. profile cross section
40,000 mm²
Cold rolls up to Ø 800 mm
up to 4.800 mm total length
Individual weight up to 10,5 t
Arbors Outside diameter max. 750 mm
Length max. 4,500 mm
Weight up to 5 t
Mandrel bars Total length 18 m    


Diamensional limits, depending on grades, are not considered.
We offer alloys from low carbon steel up to nickel alloys, scrap (alloyed and unalloyed), and metals in all desired qualities and conditions, packed and unpacked




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